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About Plantar Fasciitis

If you’re one of the millions of Americans who struggle with heel pain, it’s likely you’re suffering from plantar fasciitis. At Advanced Foot and Ankle Center in Danbury, Connecticut, the team offers safe and effective plantar fasciitis treatment to relieve your pain and get you back to your normal routine as soon as possible. Led by board-certified podiatrist Paul Betschart, DPM, the practice offers a number of advanced, minimally invasive treatments to help you recover without the need for surgery. To speak with Dr. Betschart about your heel pain, call the office or book your appointment online today.

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Plantar Fasciitis Q & A

  • What causes plantar fasciitis?

    Plantar fasciitis refers to inflammation and irritation of the tissue along the bottoms of your feet (plantar fascia). Plantar fasciitis is a common condition that causes stabbing pain, typically near the heel. Overuse and repeated stress to the plantar fascia causes small tears and inflammation, eventually leading to painful plantar fasciitis.

    Contributing factors for plantar fasciitis can include conditions like obesity, or issues with your foot mechanics like flat feet or high arches. Age also plays a factor. Plantar fasciitis is most common among people between the ages of 40 and 60.

    Certain sports and jobs that require long periods of standing or a lot of walking can also increase your chances of developing plantar fasciitis.

  • When should I see a doctor about my heel pain?

    Without proper treatment, plantar fasciitis can lead to chronic pain or worsening symptoms. Plantar fasciitis can also change the way you walk, leading to issues with your back, hips, or knees.

    If you experience severe heel pain or symptoms that last longer than a few days, Dr. Betschart can determine the right treatment for you.

  • How is plantar fasciitis diagnosed?

    To diagnose your condition, Dr. Betschart performs a physical exam and goes over your medical history. In some cases, he may perform imaging tests like an X-ray or MRI. After your diagnosis, Dr. Betschart works with you to develop a personalized treatment plan.

  • What treatments are available?

    Dr. Betschart offers a number of different treatments for plantar fasciitis. The goal of treatment is to relieve your symptoms and help you heal as quickly as possible.
    Depending on your needs, treatment may include:
    ● Pain relievers● Physical therapy● Night splints● Custom orthotics
    Dr. Betschart offers custom orthotics to relieve pressure and improve the mechanics of your feet. He designs orthotics to fit the specific structure of your foot, ensuring both comfort and effectiveness.
    He also offers a number of innovative laser treatments to help relieve pain and inflammation and stimulate healing. In rare cases, you may need surgery to effectively treat your plantar fasciitis.
    Plantar fasciitis pain can have a major impact on your daily activities and overall quality of life. To find out which treatment is right for you, call Advanced Foot and Ankle Center or book your appointment online today.

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