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Are Your Toes Misshapen?

Hammertoes occur when the middle joint of a toe becomes permanently bent or misshapen. This can affect every toe. Mallet toes are similar to hammertoes but bend at the last knuckle of the toe. These conditions are not hereditary but they often accompany hereditary foot deformities, like bunions. The misshapen toes tend to rub against the top of the patients’ shoe, developing corns or calluses and making an uncomfortable situation, painful. By working with our staff of medical professionals, we can evaluate the severity of your condition and develop an individualized treatment plan aimed at resolving your symptoms.

Hammertoes treatment near me

Our treatment center can address issues associated with:
● Foot injuries● Nerve damage● Muscle imbalance
If you currently suffer from either of these conditions, it is in your best interest to reach out to our Danbury podiatrist at Advanced Foot & Ankle.

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