Running Injuries

Running Injuries

Running is one of the most popular and practiced sports in the world, with approximately 60 million people in the U.S. hitting the trails, parks, and streets annually! It is no surprise that running and jogging is one of the main causes for many foot and ankle injuries.

Some common foot injuries that runners often endure are plantar fasciitis, achilles tendonitis, shin splints, and stress fractures. Running injuries often occur with a sudden increase in mileage, poor foot structure, or unsupportive running shoes. 

At Advanced Foot and Ankle Center, we have many different solutions for running injuries! Some of these solutions include:

Orthotics- a custom molded foot insert that provides proper support and alignment of the foot

Remy Laser- a class IV laser therapy used to accelerate healing and decrease inflammation

Shockwave- an ultra high-energy shockwave device which can be done under local anesthetic in our office that increases blood flow to the affected area to stimulate healing

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