Protecting Our Feet From Germs

Protecting Our Feet From Germs

Much of the devastation caused by the Coronavirus is because of how extremely contagious it is.

Certain germs are more contagious than others. And as far as the foot is concerned, fungus and viruses are the two most common germs that lead to problems.

Fungus in the skin is commonly known as athlete’s foot. Fungus can also invade the toenails, leading to discoloration and extra thickness of one or multiple nails.

The most common virus infecting the foot is a plantar’s wart.

Most people have heard of these common conditions, but don’t necessarily know that these germs are contagious. One person in the household can transfer a fungus or virus in the foot to others.

Sharing space barefoot increases the chance of these germs spreading. This is why we always recommend wearing something on your feet in public places.

If one or more people in your home has one of these unfortunate conditions, make sure each person gets treatment and precaution is taken to decrease the chance of spreading it to others.