New Year, New Shoes!

New Year, New Shoes!

Start off the New Year on the right foot with a new pair of shoes! Since it is winter in our area, why not make sure you have the appropriate footwear for the coming months. Cold injuries to the feet can be problematic as we have seen in the last series of messages. Here are some tips for selecting the best cold weather footwear:

Consider the conditions you'll be facing.

Will you be mostly walking on dry pavement, or will you be tromping through snow and slush? If you'll be in wet conditions, look for boots with waterproof or water-resistant uppers and a good grip on the soles. If you'll be in deep snow, you'll want boots that come up higher on your calf to keep the snow out.

Choose the right insulation.

The amount of insulation you need will depend on the temperature you'll be in and how active you'll be. For very cold weather, look for boots with 400 grams or more of insulation. If you'll be active, you may want to choose boots with less insulation to avoid sweating.

Get the right fit.

Your boots should fit snugly but not be too tight. You should be able to wiggle your toes and there should be about a half-inch of space between your heel and the back of the boot. This will give your feet room for thick socks and provide air space for insulation.

Don't forget the socks!

Thick wool socks are essential for keeping your feet warm in cold weather. They wick away moisture and provide extra insulation. Try on the shoes with the sock you plan to wear with them.


Consider getting footwear with removable liners so you can dry them out easily.

If you have any questions about the best winter footwear, come on in for a visit. I can provide specific recommendations for your particular needs. We also have several great options for Propet in our Micro Shoe Store. Come in an check them out!

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