New Year, New Feet!

New Year, New Feet!

Is it time to address those nagging foot problems that are keeping you from the activities that you want to do or wearing the shoes that you want to wear?

Many foot problems can be managed by non surgical methods. However, surgery can be a good option for conditions that do not respond to other treatments. The most common condition that I address surgically is the bunion deformity.

Bunion, or hallux valgus, is a positional deformity of the big toe and the bone behind it, the first metatarsal. The result is an angulation of the great toe toward the lesser toes and a bony bump on the inside of the foot behind the toe. The bump can rub in the shoe causing pain. Joint pain can also occur due to the mis alignment of the joint. Pain beneath the other metatarsal bones can also occur due to weight transfer for the poorly functional first metatarsal.

Along with pain, the aesthetic appearance of the foot is impacted and is a concern for many people with this condition.

Bunion surgery has been around for over 100 years and more than 100 procedures and variations have been described in the medical literature. Advances in techniques and surgical devices in the last 30 years have mad surgical correction much more predictable, with lower recurrence rates. In my opinion, the best advance in bunion surgery in my career has been the development of the Lapiplasty, 3D bunion correction system and the associated fixation devices. This system is modification of a tried and true procedure, the Lapidus procedure, employing sophisticated yet elegant instruments and state of the art titanium implants to correct all components of the bunion deformity while minimizing the chance of recurrence. I have been using this as my preferred bunion solution for the past 5 years with excellent long term results.

The company that makes the devices is constantly seeking to improve the system and implants for even better results and quicker recovery. 

If you or someone you know is bothered by a big, bad, bunion, this may be the answer you are looking for. Examination of the foot and weight bearing x-rays will determine if this procedure is right for you. Call the office today and we can get you started in the right direction for the new year.