Is It Nerve Pain?

Is It Nerve Pain?

Two of the most well-known and common nerve conditions in the body are Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and sciatic nerve pain. If you have had either of these, you know how painful and persistent they can be.

Nerve conditions are common in the feet as well.

One of the telltale signs that distinguish nerve pain from other types of pain is that it often occurs when sitting or lying down. Pain in the foot from a tendon, ligament, bone or joint problem usually only hurt when standing or walking.

For example, if we diagnose someone with plantar fasciitis, they’ll usually have pain when stepping out bed or after being on their feet for a while. If this person indicates pain is present when they’re off their feet, we start to suspect a nerve may be irritated.

The common symptoms of nerve pain are burning, sharpness, electrical sensations, tingling and numbness. A burning sensation in the foot when sitting or lying down is classic for a nerve condition.

You may also find that nerve pain doesn’t respond to ice, heat, better shoes, or over-the-counter medication.

Two of the most common nerve conditions in the foot are called Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome and Neuroma. The former hurts on the inside of the ankle and the arch, the latter usually on the ball of foot. Diabetic Neuropathy is another common nerve condition that usually hurts most while sitting or lying down at night.

Consistently feeling something like this is reason to get it diagnosed as quickly as possible. Long-standing untreated nerve pain in the foot can lead to years of unnecessary suffering, just like people who have sciatica or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

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