Could That Foot Problem Be Diabetes?

Could That Foot Problem Be Diabetes?

There are many conditions that can show up in the feet as a result of diabetes. Although we can’t diagnose diabetes just by looking at the feet, there are signs and symptoms that indicate the possibility.

Diabetes can affect circulation, skin, bones, muscles, tendons, and nerves. Blocked arteries can lead to pain as well as very extreme circumstances such as amputations. The skin can become darker, thinner and dry. People with diabetes can develop curled toes from the muscles and tendons not working properly.

A more severe consequence of diabetes can be that the bones in the mid-foot cause a collapse of the arch.

Numbness, tingling, burning and sharp pain – especially in the toes – can stem from a condition called diabetic neuropathy.

Those are just a few examples of how diabetes can affect the feet in many unfortunate ways.

One of the main reasons we encourage our patients not to wait on a foot concern is because sometimes the root cause is something bigger.

Waiting on a condition that might stem from diabetes could have dire consequences.

We specialize in treating diabetic foot conditions and preventing severe complications.

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