Bone Spur Under The Nail

Bone Spur Under The Nail

You probably have heard of the term “bone spur.”

Although commonly found in the heel, bones spurs can form in several different places in the foot.

One of the more unusual places we see is when a bone spur forms under a toenail. This can be quite painful.

Sometimes the toe looks perfectly normal, and other times there is a noticeable deformity of the nail.

If a toenail is raised, discolored, deformed or painful, it could be caused by a bone spur.

A bone spur under the nail that isn’t causing any problems can usually be left alone. But if the spur is causing pain, the only option is removal.

Removal of a bone spur under the nail is a simple procedure. We’ve helped many patients get rid of toe pain by removing a bone spur.

The only way you would know if a bone spur is present is by getting an X-ray. So if you’re experiencing pain and would like to address the source, schedule an appointment and we’ll get to the bottom of it.