Are Your Toe Nail Changes Caused By Fungus?

Are Your Toe Nail Changes Caused By Fungus?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if our feet could look as good in our later years as they did in our youth? Who doesn’t marvel at the perfection of an infant’s feet?

Toenail changes are one of the unfortunate things that happen to many feet. If our feet were as exposed to the air as our hands are, we wouldn’t see nearly as many toenail problems.

Fungus is the most common toenail condition we see.

Genetics and unsanitary professional pedicures are the most common culprits. On a good note, most toenail fungus can be cured. The number one ingredient in treating this condition is patience.

We’ve seen far too many times where this condition isn’t treated long enough. Some doctors prescribe 90-days of medication and quit at that. Most infected nails take 9-15 months to look normal again when treated properly. Stopping short before the nail is 100% clear is a recipe for failure as the fungus will spread again.

Accurate diagnosis is important. Many nail conditions can appear similar. Laboratory testing of a nail sample helps us arrive at a diagnosis and will guide treatment.

We know how embarrassing discolored and thick toenails can be. The marriage of effective remedies and patience is the winning formula for being able to confidently wear open sandals or be barefoot in public again.

We specialize in making nails look great again.

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