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Conservative Care Options for the Arthritic Foot

By Paul J. Betschart, DPM What Is Arthritis? Arthritis is a medical term that describes inflammation of a joint; swelling and tenderness are common symptoms. Joints are areas where 2 different bones contact one another. Some joints allow for motion to occur and some...

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Bunion Surgery Options

By Paul J. Betschart, DPM Who is this for? People with bunions that may have failed conservative care and are considering surgical treatment. Who is this not for? People looking for a miracle cure or are chasing the latest fads in bunion treatment. The bunion...

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Is there conservative care for bunions?

Who is this for? People suffering with pain from their bunion deformity that aren’t ready for, or cannot have surgical correction. What is a bunion? The bunion deformity, technically termed Hallux Abductovalgus or HAV for short, is much more than just a bump of bone...

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