I am so happy and am excited about Neurogenx treatment
February 4, 2020

Before I tried the Neurogenx treatment I could not get one full nights sleep. My legs were constantly twitching and moving, they would get hot and cold, itching and pain in my ankles and feet, I tossed and turned all night. Dr. Betschart recommended I try the Neurogenx signal digital therapy treatment and I could never of imagined what a great result I had in such a short time. I had one treatment and that night I slept through the night without discomfort. I had another treatment and it’s been one week and I have slept all week. I forgot what it was like to have a good nights sleep. I am waking up feeling so much better than before!!! I am diabetic and suffered for years with this and it is truly amazing to me, I am so happy and am excited about continuing this treatment I just cannot say enough!! Thank you Dr. Betschart!!!