How Flatfoot Affects the Entire Body

Hello, this is Doctor Paul Betschart here, your local podiatrist from Danbury, CT. I would like to talk to you today about flatfoot and how it can affect the entire body. Most of us would assume that flatfoot only affects, well, the foot. Therefore, it may be surprising that it can affect other parts of the body. However, when an individual loses the support of their arch, weight is then shifted to other areas, such as the hips or knees. When the feet are not carrying a person properly, the rest of the lower body tries to make up for it. Consequently, the body feels a lot of pain because of the strain and misalignment. We have the most advanced diagnostic and treatment modalities available, including minimally invasive surgical approaches and custom foot orthoses

If you are struggling with flatfoot, I encourage you to come see me, Doctor Betschart, at my office here in Danbury.

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